Most Recommended Mobile Legends Hero Combos January 2023

Choosing the best mobile legends hero combos is no joke. You have to weigh it based on the skills of one hero to another.

Indeed, this is not easy, especially for those who are new to Mobile Legends.

And also the meta heroes of each era are also constantly changing. Inevitably, players have to adapt to nerfs and buffs.

But for reference, you can try the most recommended Mobile Legends hero combo in January 2023.

What are the most recommended Mobile Legends hero combos? Here’s the review.

1. Johnson and Kadita

Crowd control of Mobile Legends heroes is very important. Combo Johnson and Kadita also use this tactic. Here you need the skills of Johnson and Kadita.

In addition to enemy tanks, this combination can directly destroy the enemy.

If they work together, they can become deadly combo heroes in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang in one match.

Initially, Johnson had to activate skill 2 to weaken the opponent’s hero by being hit by magic damage. Then Kadita did skill 1 followed by skill 2.

2. Jawhead and Mathilda

Even though it’s just support, Mathilda can reduce enemy HP significantly. Use Jawhead’s Ejector to make this combo work. The goal is for Mathilda to kill the kidnapped enemy.

Mathilda made the enemy a little reluctant to attack at the beginning of the game. Make sure you get it right from the start, as these combos can slow down in the middle of a match.

Jawhead is a fighter with a very annoying ability. With the Ejector ability (2), Jawhead can throw friends or enemies in certain directions.

With Guiding Wind Mathilda, Jawhead can easily take down enemies with his ejector as he gains an increase in movement speed.

With a high movement speed increase, it is certain that the enemy will not escape the pursuit of Jawhead and Mathilda. The combination of Jawhead and Mathilda is a deadly one.

3. Tigreal and Pharsa

Besides Atlas, another tank role hero who also has good crowd control is Tigreal. Here you can pair it with Pharsa for the mid lane area.

Both can really make a difference when the time is right. When Tigreal started the attack, Pharsa didn’t have to wait long to attack.

Make sure the players who use Pharsa are experienced. Because this hero has a high level of difficulty.

Hero Pharsa is famous for his Max Crowd Control which is very dangerous for enemy heroes.

Pharsa has an ultimate skill (Feathered Air Strike) that can launch 4 air strikes on the target area, each attack deals great damage to the opponent.

If Tigreal manages to capture all the opponent’s heroes with his ultimate, then Pharsa can use his ultimate to burn the area that immediately kills the opponent.

4. Aldous and Angela

The combination of Aldous and Angela is very popular among Mobile Legends players.

This combo relies on all of Aldous’ skills to deal massive damage and Angela with her shield and crowd control.

The skills of these two heroes can be very difficult for opponents because they are full of crowd control such as stun and slow.

5. Luo Yi and Barats

The best mobile legend hero combo is one of the best combos in season 25 that is both annoying and deadly.

This combination of heroes requires precise timing, Lou Yi and Barats can easily kidnap and teleport the opponent to the desired location, such as a tower or team.

Since his appearance, many players have been very worried when Luo Yi was taken away by the players.

His area ability can kill many enemies. Not only that, Luo Yi was also despised when he was in a teamfight, the crowd control effect he got from his passive was really terrible.

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