Claim the Updated ML Redeem Code 2023

Mobile Legends Permanent Skin Special Redeem Code for Free, Hurry Up and Claim It!

Skins are one of the things that Mobile Legend players are looking for, to make the heroes used look much more powerful and cooler.

However, to get this, a large amount of diamonds is needed, especially if you want a special or epic skin.

But you don’t need to worry, because there are many other ways that you can still get skins for FREE, namely by using the Redeem Code.

List of LIMITED EDITION Permanent Skin Redeem Codes!

Just like redeem codes in general, mobile legends redeem codes are also a collection of codes with unique numbers and letters.

It doesn’t take long anymore, let’s just use the following exclusive redeem code.

  • k2attdj2v8wm22n2m
  • 4H94CFMTA8AY22N2G
  • 5CU9YH625W7D22MRS
  • avg3nez4cbnv22k6q
  • zmm8tsa9vcxs22k6k
  • pmusn92xfbdg22k6p
  • 3rqj7vkf9gaf22k6r
  • yraqdb7cm4ks22k6m
  • rc8f5j24f4dg22k6n

If you have used the redeem code above, and want to get another redeem code, please Click Here.

To get the UPDATE 2023 redeem code

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How to Redeem Code Mobile Legends

To redeem the code above, here are the steps you need to do.

  1. Visit the official redeem website from Mobile Legends by clicking the link below:
  2. Fill in the redeem code that has been obtained and your Mobile Legends ID to later get a number verification message in the in-game mail
  3. Enter the verification code into the Code Verification tab
  4. Click Redeem

That way you can get cool skins for free which will certainly make the heroes you have cooler. Hope it is useful.

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