Mobile Legends Spell, What are its Types and Functions?

Battle spells are an important element in the Mobile Legends game. Spells serve to strengthen heroes with abilities beyond their skillset.

Spells aim to increase the hero’s utility or make up for his weaknesses. For example, an assassin hero can be given a movement spell to increase his range, or a tank hero is given a defensive spell to reflect some of the damage received to the opponent.

What are the types of spells that you can use in the game? Check out the details below.

Types of spells in Mobile Legends

There are several types of spells in the Mobile Legends game. Some of these spells aim to add offensive, defensive, and utility abilities to each hero.

The list of spells that you can use can be checked below.

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Spell NameSpell Function
RetributionInflicts additional damage to creeps and minions.
ExecuteDeals true damage that can ignore shields to the opponent’s hero.
SprintGet an additional 50% movement speed and slow immunity for 6 seconds.
InspireIncrease attack speed and attack speed cap, as well as ignore a number of the opponent’s physical defenses.
AegisGet a shield that can absorb 750 damage for 5 seconds.
RevitalizeGives rise to a Healing Spring that can restore the life, shield, and HP regen around it.
PetrifyCauses 100 magic damage as well as petrify and slow effects on opponents.
FlameshotFires fire attacks that cause magic damage based on distance to the target, knockback and slow effects.
FlickerJumped in the direction it was headed quickly.
ArrivalTeleport towards the turret, base, or minion of the team.
VengeanceCausing damage to the opponent amounting to 40% of the damage dealt to the opponent.
PurifyRemoved all debuffs.

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